PawaPad Wireless Charging Mat

Introducing the PawaPad Wireless Phone Charger by PawaMini: Fast, stylish, and convenient, it quickly charges QI-compatible devices wirelessly with 15W power, eliminating messy cords for a sleek and reliable charging experience.


Key Features:

  • > The Wireless Charger Pad is recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly.
  • > Universal compatibility makes it suitable for a wide range of devices
  • > A sleek and stylish design adds a touch of elegance to any space.
  • > The ambient light feature adds a pleasant visual touch and soothing glow.
  • > Tangle-free charging eliminates the need for wires.
  • By choosing PawaPad, you’re not only getting reliable and long-lasting power, but you’re also actively preventing 500 batteries from adding to environmental harm.
  • Join us in creating a sustainable world

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