PawaMini 3 in 1 Mini Power Bank

Introducing the Pawamini with a biodegradable shell – the ultimate 3-in-1 portable phone charger! With a 2900mAh capacity, this small and bio-friendly charger is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The perfect pocket-sized universal phone charger for all your on-the-go charging needs.


Key Features:

    • > Pre-Charged / Ready-to-use
    • > Rechargeable for more than 500X
    • > The battery is 2900 mAh Lithium Ion
    • > Extended shelf-life in a waterproof pouch
    • > Built-in Cord for Lightning, USB Type C, and Micro USB
    • > Lightweight and Easy to use
    • > Charges Cell Phones, Tablets, Earbuds, and more
    • > Components are 100% Recyclable

  • By choosing PawaMini 3 in 1, you’re not only getting reliable and long-lasting power, but you’re also actively preventing 500 batteries from adding to environmental harm.
  • Join us in creating a sustainable world

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