PawaCell – USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Introducing PawaCell’s USB rechargeable AA batteries, the ultimate power solution for your devices with up to 500 recharge cycles, providing long-lasting and reliable energy in just two hours of USB charging, while their sustainable design ensures minimal self-discharge and biodegradability, making them ideal for the eco-conscious user on the go.


Key Features:

  • > Powerful and sustainable energy for up to 500 recharges.
  • > Quick two-hour charging time via any USB port.
  • > The built-in LED indicator makes it effortless to monitor.
  • > Sustainable and eco-friendly rechargeable AA batteries.
  • > Components are 100% recyclable.
  • By choosing Pawacells, you’re not only getting reliable and long-lasting power, but you’re also actively preventing 500 batteries from adding to environmental harm.
  • Join us in creating a sustainable world

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