PawaCell – USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

PawaCell AA USB Lithium Battery Instructions

Important! Charge batteries for two hours before initial use.
In order to properly condition batteries, It is recommended to charge batteries every three months

Remove cap from USB cell Batteries

Place magnet cap on bottom of battery

Plugin into any USB port to recharge

with built-in LED charging indicators

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15 Billion

primary batteries are discarded annually worldwide, all ending up in landfills. Rechargeable batteries offer a sustainable solution, reducing the environmental impact of disposable ones.


A survey by a top US retailer suggests that rechargeable batteries constitute just 2% of total battery sales in the US. The shift from outdated NiMH to Lithium-Ion technology, akin to cell phone batteries, promises shorter recharge cycles and extended lifespan.


Why are consumers reluctant to buy rechargeable batteries?


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