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Biodegradable battery shell


PawaMini is designed to be used and reused and we encourage all customers to compost the biodegradable shell and properly recycle the lithium ion battery. Properly recycling our batteries helps preserve the environment by keeping harmful by-products out of landfills and the solid waste stream. We encourage you to recycle the product two ways.

Call 2 Recycle Seal First, PawaMini is proud to be an official Industry Steward with Call2Recycle®.
Through our partnership with Call2Recycle®, a nonprofit battery stewardship program, PawaMini has joined other organizations committed to promoting and/or funding the responsible recycling of electronic products and batteries when they reach their end of life.

Call2Recycle® provides customers rechargeable battery collection sites across all 50 states and Canada. To a find a drop off location near you, visit:

Another solution is to participate in our Pawa To The Planet Program, a zero waste effort by sending it back to us so we can fully repurpose the PawaMini. Just ship a used PawaMini back to us and we'll thank you with a 25% discount on a new PawaMini.

Please ship to:
PawaBox Sales Group, LLC
c/o Pawa To The Planet
6555 S. Kenton St. #302
Centennial, CO 80111