AA Rechargeable Batteries.

A rechargeable AA battery that comes with a built in USB for recharging. Can be recharged quickly and safely over 500 times through any USB port. No charger adapter needed. No cable needed.

Just pop the cap off, plug into USB port for recharge, pop the cap back on and use for any device or electronics that use AA batteries.


Built in charger.

Fast charge

Built-in LED charging indicator

Chargers on any USB port

Low drain

Cap magnetizes to the bottom


PawaMini AA Batteries are designed to be used and reused. Through our partnership with Call2Recycle®, a nonprofit battery stewardship program, we work as a team in the process of recycling electronic products and batteries once they reach their end of life.

Our Pawa to The Planet Program is a zero-waste effort that helps to reduce the number of landfills in the world. By sending a Pawamini AA Battery back to us in order to fully repurpose the AA battery we’ll thank you with a 25% discount on a new Pawamini AA Battery 2 pack.