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Pawamini is an Eco-Friendly company that strives to provide our community members with green products that are composed of reusable, recyclable, and rechargeable materials.

Travelmini Portable Phone Charger, the eco-friendly 2-in-1 power bank with a 5000mAh capacity, compatible with Lightning, USB, and Type-C ports, and featuring a built-in kickstand for hands-free.

 Pawamini with a biodegradable shell – the ultimate 3-in-1 portable phone charger! With a 2900mAh capacity, this small and bio-friendly charger is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

PawaCell’s USB rechargeable AA batteries, the ultimate power solution for your devices with up to 500 recharge cycles, providing long-lasting and reliable energy in just two hours of USB charging, while their sustainable design ensures minimal self-discharge and biodegradability.

PawaPad Wireless Phone Charger by PawaMini: Fast, stylish, and convenient, it quickly charges QI-compatible devices wirelessly with 15W power, eliminating messy cords for a sleek and reliable charging experience.


No Cord Needed 3 in 1 Adapter

Up to 6 Hours Talk time

Rechargeable 500X

Easy and Fast

Pawamini Cables

The iOS, Type C, and Android charging cables are made of TPE materials which are non-toxic, biodegradable, plasticizer-free material designed to decompose safely and effectively in landfills.

All the materials we place in our products come right from mother earth herself.

The Last Battery


Environmentally Sound

Easy to Recharge



Bad for Planet

Bad for Planet

Before Lithium-ion batteries were introduced the world used nickel-based batteries as rechargeable technology for portable electronics. In contrast to nickel-based batteries that require a full discharge to keep the battery healthy, lithium-ion batteries provide better output of power by frequent, shallow, discharges before charging again.

Hence why the Pawamini is reusable and rechargeable.

Pawamini Recyclable

Our products at PawaMini are designed to be used and reused. Through our partnership with Call2Recycle®, a nonprofit battery stewardship program, we work as a team in the process of recycling electronic products and batteries once they reach their end of life.

Moreover, here at Pawamini we have taken a step in the right direction with our Pawa to The Planet Program a zero-waste initiative that helps to reduce the number of landfills in the world. By sending a Pawamini Portable Phone Charger or AA Rechargeable Battery back to us we’ll thank you with a 25% discount on your next purchase.

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