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Anyone who owns a smart phone also owns multiple battery packs and back-up power banks. Why? Because we live in fear of our phones dying. We are truly addicted. Addicted to staying connected. Addicted to the instant gratification of consuming news, buying products and basically ordering anything and everything with the tap of our fingers.

A typical person has at least 3 back up chargers and this is a conservative number. A battery pack on their phone. A power bank device purchased either under duress or as a preliminary precaution. And a whole slew of other small chargers that were received at random. There is a graveyard of chargers in everyone’s home.

The irony is that we are obsessed with aggregating chargers that need to be charged all the time. Let’s be honest. No one remembers to plug in their charging device. And pretty much everyone hates the ridiculous bulkiness of carrying their phone attached to a cord attached to another power bank the size of their phone. It looks ludicrous.

PawaMini was created by a team of hard charging professionals who just so happen to be harder charging parents. They needed a better solution to keep their life and phone seamlessly charged while on the go at work or in the moment with their kids.

With nothing acceptable on the market, they decided to invent their own charger. There were four mandatories: must be small (fitting in the palm of their hand), must be powerful (boosting the phone battery by greater than 50%), must be pre-charged (no power source ever needed) and it must be disposable in the most socially conscious way.

Several concepts were designed, tested, re-designed and re-tested to develop the very best solution. They knew they had to have the very best battery on the market and they knew it had to be powerful and affordable. After 16 months of manufacturing and quality control, they nailed it. Guaranteed to be the most powerful and fastest mobile phone charger on the market under $6.00.

Stay charged with PawaMini.

Simplified design. Amplified power. Elimination of low battery anxiety.

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