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Our Story

Here at Pawamini our main goal is to provide our customers with dependable and eco-friendly products that help them live a positive lifestyle set on making the world a little greener one charge at a time. A father & son business launched in 2017, hailing from Denver, Colorado, with a dream of building a company that sustains the twists and turns of running a eco-friendly, imperishable business. Together our generation of innovative ideas and boundless imaginations transformed into reality are fueled with the intent of placing the world on a better path aimed toward sustainable and recyclable energy.

With a father’s knowledge and experience of how a business is run and a son’s technological skills and passion for learning the possibilities are endless. Our business relationship is able to flow so smoothly due to are dependable trust in each other which is an aspect we like pass down to our customers.

Our Mission

Pawamini was created to serve the cellphone and device market through eco-friendly and revolutionary products that benefit your lifestyle. Whether you are traveling from one point of the globe to another with you friends, camping in the great outdoors with your family, or using your camera to capture those moment we all cherish in life, Pawamini is here to make sure you have the charge to do so.

Pawamini puts pen to paper each day to provide our customers with dependable eco-friendly products, trustworthy customer service, and exceptional quality for you to love and cherish each time you plug a Pawamini in.

Our Products


We all recognize the demand and need for mobile power in today’s connected world, but it can come at a very high price to our environment. Pawamini Batteries are the solution, as they can be recharged quickly and safely hundreds of times.

By using innovative lithium-ion battery technology, we at Pawamini seek to provide our customers and community members with batteries that can be used over 500 times and recycled afterwards. The lithium-ion batteries in our Pawamini products help the world each day by reducing the number of landfills.

These landfills overflow with batteries which over time decay and leak chemicals into the soil, causing contamination to the plants and ground water around it. By using both the Pawamini Portable Chargers and Rechargeable AA Batteries. our customers have the advantage using and reusing each product on a day-to-day basis or storing them in their homes for a rainy day.

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